What we do with the information collected

At IT HELP Tech, we need your personal, financial and personal information only to implement your subscription process with us. Your personal information is collected just to identify you, financial information is collected to complete the payment procedure when you subscribe with us and computer information to link your computer with ours. All such information of yours is never shared with any third party other than IT HELP Tech. We assure to keep your information secure and unshared. In case you face any difficulty with the communication process or do not want to share any information, please inform us. Please keep in mind as to information that we collect:

Personal Information: We need the information that identifies you personally and can be used to contact you at a later point of time. Such details may include name, last name, address, e-mail address, phone number and other appropriate details.

Financial Information:Such details are provided by you and are sent to the bank directly. These details are used to process your payments towards IT HELP Tech. We do not collect your debit/credit card details and respect your privacy.

Computer/Peripherals Information:Our online tools need certain information about your computer before successfully connecting your PC to ours. This information includes your computer name, brand, type, operating system, hardware and software details.


We do not publish, sell or distribute any of the sensitive information. Your information is used to identify and fix your PC issues and to complete the payment procedure. Unless specifically required, we do not share your information with our affiliates or business partners. Even if it is shared it is made sure that you can’t be identified personally and also your prior consent is taken.


Refund Policy

If you are buying online a valid credit card is required for paying accounts. We reserve the right to accept or reject the payment made through credit cards.

ithelptech.com PC support plan starts from the date on which you signup or sign the agreement copy, and the payment is realized.

In case you are not satisfied with the service and we have not been able to resolve even 1 issue with your PC partial (45%) refund no questions asked.

All fees is exclusive of taxes and you shall be responsible for payment of all such taxes, levies, or duties, if levied in your country.

We don’t store credit card information for any customer and we would not do any charging without your explicit consent.